Thursday, December 17, 2015

LARPs The Series, S2 The Final 3 Episodes

So after episode seven all seems lost for this group of LARPers. I was interested in seeing how they would come out of this, would the group ever be the same?

First up was S2 Ep8 titled "Post Mortem". This episode really spotlighted the acting chops of these amazing actors. This episode was wall to wall dialogue and no action at all. But after last weeks episode I would expect nothing else. The first scene with Shane and Will was brilliant. It delved a bit deeper into both of the characters and we see a different perspective as to why someone LARPs. Will does it to hang with his friends while Shane does it to escape this world.

I've often wanted to LARP myself but being extremely shy has always held me back from doing so. I love Fantasy because I enjoy escaping into these magical worlds and I think my wanting to LARP comes from the same desire to escape this reality into a whole new one.. even if it's just for a while.

I really enjoyed the scenes with Brittany and Will reconciling their friendship and Kat and Shane comforting Arthur at his lowest low.  These scenes were so well done, the acting was fantastic, the music was beautiful, the writing was perfect and the editing was amazing. I love the cutting between the scenes, both working off each other so well... I love it.

Next up was S2 Ep9 titled "TPK" The first half of this episodes deals with the aftermath of episode seven's fall out but this time with Evan who we did not see in the last episode. These were also the scenes that us fans have been waiting for... the coming together of Kat and Evan and it was as sweet and perfect as can be. They have been hinting at this attraction the past few episodes so it was nice to finally get a payoff on this one. Those two make an adorable couple.

The second half of the episode was in the LARPing world. It set's up for what I am sure will be an AMAZING final battle and episode of the season. I really liked the interaction between Brittany and Evan.. you can really tell these guys care about each other.

And finally season two finale "Chronicle". First let me say it's double in length almost a full 30 minutes but it feels like it's no time at all. I loved every minute of this episode but also "hated" it.. let me explain.

They team up with the "other" LARPing group, the Steampunk group we saw in an earlier episode. But that group had alternative motives and it's not good. I like the way this episode is edited together. We have "resting/staging" scenes cut between LARPing scenes. So you get these intimate moments among this battle scenes. Of course as it has been this entire season the acting is brilliant, the writing superb and battles are fantastic. So why did I say that I "hated" this episode.. well this is it.. this is what season one and season two was leading up to... and I never expected the ending that we got... it was devastating.

First we lose Shane in a blaze of glory, it's a perfect way for this character to go out but she's not going alone she takes hold of the evil King and they burn together.. it's pretty fantastic. Elizabeth Neale who portrays Shane was amazing, she has always been a favorite of mine.

Second to go was Arthur, his death was pretty uneventful.. I think the part the gutted me was Claudia's speech to him about killing everyone else and him being responsible. At that point you just hate this character and want her dead.

Third to die was the hardest because it was such shock.. Brittany (Corillia) and Will (Biff) are together finding herds, the camera is on Biff and you hear an intake of breath from Corillia. Then in slow motion Biff turns as Corillia falls to her knees and into frame with a knife in her back before falling to the ground. I was totally taken off guard by this attack.. didn't see it coming and I think that made it more of a shock. Of course Biff kills the man who stabbed Corillia in the back before dropping to his knees and taking Corillia into his arms. Their finale goodbyes to each other are heart wrenching, I cried as she died in her lover arms. Just typing that is making me remember the scene and it's bringing tears to my eyes.... so good!!!

Fourth to die was Evan's NPC character, he sacrificed himself to give Biff a little more time so he could destroy the 11th eye. The fighting was amazing.. it was truly a battle to the death.

Fifth to go was Kat, who like with Evan's NPC character pretty much sacrificed herself so Biff had a bit more time so he could destroy the eye.

And last to die was Biff but not before he destroyed the 11th eye and completed their quest. I wasn't a big fan of this character during season one but he has grown leaps and bounds and has become the real heart of the series.

So that it's.. every single one of the character dies and I am left broken hearted.

But it's not over. We get a great scene the next day with Shane and Evan making amends before a scene with the entire crew sitting around a table talking about their last adventure. Evan enters and they give him a present, it's their framed, now dead, character sheets. They talk about rolling new ones but Evan proclaims that it's over, that game has ended .. there's a beat before he pulls out new character sheets, everyone has one except Arthur.. cut to cityscape at night and we are introduced to Cyber Noctus and his team of hackers.

At first I was upset to see that the format of the LARPing group has changed.. it's no longer a Fantasy World but now has turned into some sort of Cyber punk world. I'm a huge fantasy fan and it's one of the main reasons why I started watching LARP's the series, now that's gone.. what's next.

I don't even know if they are going to make a season three but if they do I know I will support them however I can. Yes I may have come for the Fantasy elements but I stayed for the great writing, acting and fight scenes.. the characters are what make LARPs The Series fantastic. And I hope their LARPing adventures continue.

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