Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa's Little Helper

Spent part of the day finishing up my Christmas shopping.. I hate shopping Christmas Eve but the past few months have been crazy busy and I had no choice. I got everything wrapped and headed over to my brothers in the evening. I was going to crash at their place so I could be there first thing in the morning to watch my niece and nephew open presents.

As I have done the past few years I play Santa's helper and wrap the majority of the kids presents and this year was no different. When I got to my brother's everyone was out so I went upstairs to my brother's toy room (where he keeps all the kids presents) and started to wrap. These kids are extremely spoiled but as my brother says.. he can afford to give them things so he's going to do it. Can't fault that.. I'd do the same thing.

So it took me about and hour to wrap everything, during this time Mike and Lora were putting the kids to sleep. Once I was done Lora and I started to bring down all the gifts and put them under the tree. As I also play Santas helper on Christmas morning I was grouping up the gifts to make it easier for me to hand out.. luckily the kids are still young enough to not realized how organized Santa is.

Once everything was out you really get an idea of how great this Christmas we going to be for the kids. Lora, Michael and I went to bed around midnight. One different thing about these kids is they sleep in and are not early risers.. even on Christmas morning.. so I was looking forward to a good seven to eight hours sleep.

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