Thursday, January 21, 2016

Addicted to The Force, Dawn of Justice Special & Wonder Woman Footage

Anyone else having this problem.. every time I see the trailer or picture from Star Wars The Force Awakens it makes me want to see the movie again. I've seen it five times so far and I can't wait for my sixth. Thinking about seeing the movie again brings a smile to my face and I love that this movie is having that effect on me. I can honestly say that I haven't been this excited about a movie weeks after seeing it's premiere since the Lord of the Ring Trilogy.

It hasn't been officially announced yet but it looked like the blu ray will be coming out on April 5th. If this is true that means I have a few more months to get in a few more screenings at the theater, I'm setting the goal of seeing it 10 tens in the theater.

Watched the DC special Dawn of Justice that aired last night. They showed a bit more Batman v Superman footage, but nothing to special.. but the best part of that special was the Wonder Women footage. They just started shooting but they had a few scenes that kind of gave you the feel of the movie. They also talked more about the Justice League movie and who would be in it. Besides Superman, Batman and Wonder Women, they have included Aquaman and Flash which we knew about but also Cyborg and The Green Lantern Corp. From the sounds of it the movies is going to be pretty spectacular. They also premiered the Suicide Squad trailer which I blogged about yesterday. Overall it was a good special. It didn't it's job and got me even more excited for the DC cinematic universe. Below is the video of the Wonder Women footage that was shown.

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