Wednesday, January 20, 2016

LARPs The Series Goodies, Star Wars 8 Moves & Suicide Squad Trailer

Today I got my Kickstarter rewards from LARPs The Series. I contributed to season two of LARPs as I really enjoyed season one and wanted to see a season two. My package included a LARPs The Series calendar, several buttons and the thing I wanted most.. DVD or season one and two with extras. I can't wait to sit down and watch all the cool DVD extras and then I'll binge watch the entire 2 seasons.

Disney announced that they are going to be pushing the release date of Star Wars Episode VIII from May 26, 2017, to Dec. 15, 2017. They didn't give a reason for the change in date but since episode VII is doing amazing at the box office maybe they thought it was a good idea to release the next one at the same time of year. It also gives them a few more months to work on the sfx and that can only be a good thing. I'm fine with the move though it does mean we have to watch another seven months for episode VIII. If it helps with the overall look of the film and story then it's all good to me.

They released an official trailer for DC's Suicide Squad. The only thing I know about this group of people is from the TV series Arrow. I do know they are the baddest of the bad but are now helping the government. I have a hard time getting behind anti-heros but this trailer really did it's job and now I want to see this movie. Of course the music selection has to be one of the best part of the trailer. Check it out below.

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