Sunday, January 17, 2016

Call The Midwife Is Back - S5 Ep1

Season five of Call the Midwife starts today in the UK. So of course that means I have to jump online and find it so I can watch it as well as I can't wait until spring for it to start here in the U.S. I adore Call the Midwife almost as much as I adored Downton Abbey and not that Abbey is over all I have is Midwife.

Tonight I watched S5 episode 1, here's a shot synopsis: It is now 1961. When a baby is born with severe deformities of the kind later identified as caused by the drug thalidomide, the midwives find it difficult to handle the situation, and the baby's father rejects her completely, to his wife's dismay. Trixie's new sideline as a keep fit instructor brings her into conflict with Sister Julienne, and she also becomes suspicious of the relationship between Barbara and Tom. Rather than return to Wales as her mother wishes, Delia is invited to move into Nonnatus House.

It was good to be back at the nunnery (that's something that I didn't think I would ever write). We got the Christmas special at the end of last year but before that it's been nine months since getting new episodes on a regular bases. I wasn't sure when the main character (the one who narrates the show) decided to leave after only three seasons if the show would survive. I mean Jenny was the main character of the storyline but honestly it was more of an ensemble cast and it's been more so since her departure. Each main character is getting her spotlight. I don't know how the overall characters arches have changed since Jenny left but I'm really liking what they are doing with everyone.

Tonight's episodes was no different. I love that they are tying back in to a storyline that was in last season. We are now seeing the deformation of children (due to a new drug that was introduced last year) of course our characters don't know that.. yet. The conflict between Trixie and Sister Julienne was rough. I get Trixie's point but still the way she talked to and treated Sister Julienne was uncalled for. I'm really liking the budding relationship of Tom and Barbara but I know it won't last as Barbara is to nice of a girl to hurt her friend Trixie... but will have to wait and see. I like that Delia has moved into the house to be closer to Patsy. After last years tragic accident when we thought these two would never be together.. they have finally turned things around. I just hope it lasts.

One thing that is fairly practicable is that everything ends on a happy note or at least if feels that way. Yes there are heartbreaking stories and I'm usually a ball of tears but they tend to  ends well.. like with this episode. The father of the deformed child sees reason and accepts his new daughter into his life at the end and they are once again a big happy family.

Can't wait to see what's in story for Nonnatus House this season.

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