Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Middle-earth Sweater, Poe Jacket, Justice League Pix & Upcoming Arrow

Everybody knows I'm a Lord of the Ring junkie.. I love all things Middle-earth so when I saw this sweater my heart went pitter patter. The price is really good and I was this close to buying it but then I asked myself if I would actually wear it. Would I buy it and leave it hanging in my closet never to be worn. I tried to picture myself in it and honestly I couldn't. I love the Middle-earth map but it's something that I would hang on my wall (which I do) not something that I would wear on my body. It was tough not picking this up but I think it was a the right choice for me. Though now that I'm blogging about it and seeing it again it's tempting me to buy it... I must resist!!

Speaking of resisting, I came across this little gem on Amazon. If you read my blog you know I'm a huge fan of Poe Dameron from the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens. Not only do I like the character but the actor Issac Oscar is adorable. So when I saw that they have a replica of Poe/Finn's jacket it crossed my mind to pick it up. It's expensive, costing about $190 and it's not even an official jacket from the movie but the temptation was there. Of course I resisted not only because I really don't need it but I shouldn't be spending money unnecessarily. So once again I control the urge to buy, buy, buy

If you want to check out and maybe pick up your very own Middle-earth Sweater click HERE and Poe Dameron's Jacket click HERE.

Warner Bros released a conceptual picture of what their new Justice League will look like. They have casted the majority of the key players so they know what they will look like. I'm super excited for this new Justice League. I have always been a much bigger fan of DC then Marvel especially when I was a kid.  Superman is my all time favorite super hero with Wonder Woman and Aquaman a close 2nd and 3rd. I know folks have been criticizing the new look of the DC universe but I've been loving it. Not only all the amazing TV Stuff (ie Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow) but also Man of Steel and the upcoming Batman v Superman. I'm super pumped for the coming years.. I think we're going to see some amazing superhero movies.

Speaking of DC, Warner Brothers released a trailer for the second half of season 4 of Arrow. I've been enjoying this season so far. I've really enjoyed all the seasons of Arrow but last year was a bit tedious watch at time. Oliver was a idiot for alot of the season. I know he thought he was doing right but it didn't make it easy to watch. So when we got this much happier Oliver at the beginning of this season I was excited and the first few episodes were great but I'm seeing that other side of Oliver rear it's ugly face again. I hope we don't go back down that path.. been there, didn't like it. But from this preview it looks like we  have a lot in store for Arrow and his team. Though I might not like where they take the character of Oliver from time to time this series is still amazing and has some of the best fight scenes on TV.  It may not be my favorite of the DC TV shows but I'll stick with it until the very end.

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