Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Agent Carter Returns!!!!

I couldn't wait to get home tonight from work because the 2 hour premiere of Marvel's Agent Carter Season Two aired. It started at 9pm which meant I was going to stay up until 11pm (my usual bed time is 10pm) but it was well worth staying up.

Here's the synopsis for S2 Ep1 "The Lady in the Lake" In 1947 New York, Chief Jack Thompson and Agent Peggy Carter of the SSR apprehend Soviet spy Dottie Underwood, after setting her up during an attempted bank robbery. Newly appointed Chief Daniel Sousa of the Los Angeles SSR office meets with Detective Andrew Henry, who has discovered a woman's body in a frozen lake during a heat wave. Sousa, doubting his inexperienced subordinates, asks Thompson for backup—Carter is sent.

An autopsy shows that the body glows in the dark, likely caused by Isodyne Energy's particle accelerator. Carter learns from Isodyne scientist Jason Wilkes that the woman was a physicist there who had an affair with Isodyne owner and prospective senator Calvin Chadwick. Underwood is taken into FBI custody, with Thompson's mentor Vernon Masters warning him that the SSR will soon be replaced by a new, peace-time organization. Henry attempts to kill Wilkes, but is killed himself by a police officer; Henry and the officer were hired to cover up the murder by Chadwick and his actress wife Whitney Frost following the former's affair.

Next was S2 Ep2 "A View in the Dark" Chadwick meets with the secretive Council of Nine, who shut down his Zero Matter program due to its seeming lack of results, and want him to focus on his senatorial ambitions. Chadwick informs Frost, who is the true brains behind the program while struggling with her acting due to sexism in Hollywood. Wilkes meets with Carter to help with her investigation, though he is hesitant to turn on Isodyne as it was the only company willing to hire him as a black man. Wilkes explains that Isodyne had attempted to replicate the success of the Manhattan Project and in doing so had discovered Zero Matter.

The frozen woman must have come into physical contact with it, though its effects are not limited to that. Carter and Wilkes agree to steal the Zero Matter, and at Isodyne find agents of the Council destroying the program. Wilkes manages to get to the Zero Matter, but is confronted by Frost, who is there to steal it herself. The two are exposed to the Zero Matter in the ensuing scuffle, leaving Wilkes missing and Frost having absorbed Zero Matter. 

It was two hours of AWESOME!!!! It was great seeing Peggy Carter back in action. I liked her re-connection with Jarvis (the chemistry between those two actors is amazing) and we finally get to meet Jarvis' wife  Ana who is nothing like I expected her to be.. but she's awesome. We see that Sousa is trying to move on with his life in LA and has found a new love interested but you can tell he still has feelings for Peggy. Jack Thompson is still a douche bag, I was hoping after the events of last season he'd have a little bit more respect for Peggy but I guess once a douche bag, always a douche bag.

We are introduced to a new character Jason and as I was watching I was talking to my buddy Erik via skype asking how a black man could have such an important job or be seen with a white women back in the late 40's early 50's and sure enough the show actually brought those points up and did a great job at explaining how this could happen. We were introduced to the season villains, who turn out to be Hydra but they are the least of Peggy's worry as it turns out there is even a greater threat in Mrs Whitney Frost. This was a great set up for what I will assume will be another kick ass season.

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