Sunday, February 14, 2016

Filipino Brunch, Deadpool & Surprising A Friend

Today after working out Leo took the group to a Filipino brunch place. They had lots of interesting foods for breakfast but it was extremely tasty. One of the more interesting things were the ube pancakes, there was a mango and coconut one and another flavor. They were all good but I think my favorite was the coconut.. but they looked pretty in all their crazy colors.

During the evening I headed out to Arclight Sherman Oaks with friends to watch Deadpool. I really didn't know much about Deadpool as I'm not a huge fan of that character but my buddy Brett is and I've learned stuff through hanging out with him. So I expected this movie to be fun and entertaining and it didn't disappoint. It was this action movie with tons of laughs and a bit of craziness. Advertising has been saying this isn't a movie for kids that why it has it's R rating and though I agree with the R rating it wasn't as violent or bloody as I expected. But there are some extremely gruesome shots of heads getting blown off but still I expected worse. I loved the way it was cut together, we started towards the middle of the movie and then work backwards before getting caught up and then moving forward. I like that they had a few of the X-Men in this movie but also jokes as to why there's weren't more. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and this will be a definite buy when it comes out on blu-ray.

Afterwards we were to go out to dinner but since it's Valentine's Day our original plan fell though when we found out there was a two hour wait. So instead we went to my place where I ordered some pizza and we hung out. But the main reason for us to hang out was to surprise our friend Brett. He recently had a major theft when his storage unit was broken into and they took everything. His TV, computer, collectibles and anything else that had some value. So his friends pooled their money together and we gave him $1000 dollars. We know that his insurance will take care of the lost items but this will give him a bit of extra help.

I have to say our group of friends are amazing, this is the same group that pooled their money together to get my 3 months of NerdStrong Gym because they knew I really wanted to attend but couldn't afford it. Of course Brett was taken back and had no idea that we've been collecting money since his theft. I actually videoed the entire thing and posted it for those who contributed but wasn't able to make it to my place for the giving of the gift.  It was a pretty great way to end the night.

Thanks to Olivia, Will, Robert, Tamar, Aaron, Jes, Jennifer & Matthew Luchsinger, Erik, Anthony, Kenny, Matthew & Melissa Kuhns, Rupert, Hayley, Elea, David, Steve, Chris, Jen, Becca, Josh, & Dallas for contributing.

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