Friday, February 19, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - Recapping

I'm continuing my five days of workout a week. This week I did Saturday CON, Sunday TEAM, Tuesday DEX, Wednesday CON and Thursday STG.

First up was the continuation of our D&D Campaign workout with Chapter Two. This one involved lots of running around a graveyard. The workout required four rounds of a Run around the parking lot (230 meter) with a steel club, then back into for 20x Runners Lunge, 20x Steel Club to Guard and then 15x Jump Squats. Once you finished your fourth round you were attacked by two resurrected fallen friends (Tyler and Cate). In order to take out Cate we had to do 350 Push-Ups and to take down Tyler we had to do 400 Sprawls.

You can follow this LINK to read the continuing story and to watch a video of coach David DMing... it's pretty fantastic.

For Sunday we had a TEAM Themed workout titled "The Doctor". Yep it was a Doctor Who workout. We teamed with a partner (one Doctor and one Companion) I teamed up with my gym husband (John). We had to do four rounds, each had a movement, then a run (because the Doctor always runs) and then Seal Jacks.

Round one started with Push Ups, we had to do 2, then 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. So I'd do two Push Ups then John did two, then I'd do four and he'd do four and so on until we finished twelve each. In the end we did 42 of each movements. After doing the movement we did a partner run (230 meters) then came back and did 50x Seal Jacks. John and I had a bit of fun and faced each other and did our Seal Jacks synchronized. After that we moved on to Round two we did Split Jumps, again it was 2, then 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12. We did the run and synchronized Seal Jacks. For our third round we did Box Jumps and for our final round we did Slam Balls. Coach David and coach Andrew talked John and I into using a 40lbs Slamball, which is quite a bit heavier then what we usually use. I was surprised that I was able to handle the heavier weight, it was a bit tougher for John but he got through them all. 

It was a pretty tough workout but it's always fun with you have a buddy to workout with.. thanks John.

Next up was Tuesday's DEX workout.. it was titled Bea's Evil Smile (Honestly I don't remember why it's titled that). We started with the build, 230 Meter Run then 2 rounds of 10x Air Squats, 5x Wall Squats and 10x Goblet Squats. We then moved on to the "Proficiency" part of the workout and that was a 2 minute Couch Stretch on both sides. We then moved onto the Quest which was 5 Rounds of 5x Pull-Ups, 5x Push Ups, 5x Plank Pulls and 5x Dips. For the "Battle" we did 2 rounds of :45 seconds of work :15 seconds of transition, Bulgarian Split Squat, Plank, Wall Sit, Push Ups, Bear Crawl, Dumbbell Push Presses and then 2 minute rest. 

This was a lot of work and as with most DEX days it was a wide variety of movements. 

For the Wednesday CON day the workout was titled "Quad Runner" and yes it involved alot of running... 2.28 Miles to be exact. After the nice warm up was go to the main workout. We had 40 minutes to complete this. We started with a 920 Meter Run (that's 4 times around the parking lot), then 30x Wall Balls, 20x SDLHP (Single Deadlift High Pull). We then did another 920 Meter Run came back in and did 30x SlamBalls, 30x Kettlebell Swings before going back out and doing another 920 Meter Run and 30x Over Walk Lunge then 30x Knees to Elbows before finally doing our final 920 Meter Run around the parking lot. 

This was a tough workout but I'm happy to say that I finished it with a few minutes to spare. These CON workouts are all about endurance and pacing. As I workout more I am learning to listen to my body and trying not to go all gong ho at the beginning and having nothing at the end. It's tough to balance all these as you want to finish everything within the time limit but you don't want to start off to fast and tire yourself out before you are able to finish.

Thursday Strength Day was a favorite of mine as we got to practice our Bench Presses. This is one of the few barbell workouts that I actually enjoy doing. After a nice warm up we did 8 rounds of 3, we started at 60% of our max, then 70%, 80%, 85%, then back down to 65%, 75%, 85% and finally 90% of our max. I used my older one rep max of 205 lbs to get these percentages. I really do need to test for a new one rep max as it's been awhile since I got the 205.

For a finisher we did a TABATA (:20 seconds of work :10 seconds of rest) we did half Spellcaster and half Zootman. 

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