Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trapped, Taxes, Daredevil and LARPS

So I woke up excited for the weekend, had a tough work week so I was looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing..other then a few workouts. I headed down to my parking area (which is under my apartment complex) I got in my car and drove toward the front gate. I reached up and pressed by garage door opener and nothing happened. This has happened before as someone will open the door within the door and if it's not closed properly the main door will not open. So I got out and checked it. Clicked the clicker again and nothing. I noticed that the light on my clicker was dual so I figured the battery was low. I went to open it and noticed it was a square battery. I quickly went upstairs and tried to find a square battery.. I couldn't find one. I wasn't going to make the 9am NerdStrong gym class so I cancelled and was extremely disappointed. I quickly ran to 7-11 to see if I could buy a square battery and of course they had some but you had to pay through the noses but I didn't care.. I just wanted to be able to get my car out of my garage. Since I had the battery I figured all was well so I signed up for the 10am NerdStrong Gym class as I walked back to my place.. I was happy again.. I replaced the battery and clicked the clicker... nothing. I popped open the clicker and noticed that these little levers inside the clicker had to be in a certain sequence, a pattern that was unique to this garage door opener. I must have hit them when I opened the clicker the first time and now I no longer knew the "code" to my garage door. I sat in my car hoping someone would leave and I could just get my car outside the apartment and deal with the clicker later.. but nobody left. I contacted my manager to see if I could get the code from him but after an hour of wait he informed me that he didn't have the code on him and that I should ask one of my neighbors. Now I've been in my apartment for over two years and though I see my neighbors every once in a while I don't feel comfortable enough to knock on their door on a Saturday morning and ask to see their garage clicker.

Needless to say I had to cancel my second NerdStrong class at 10am today and knew that it wasn't meant to be today. But I had bigger problems. I scheduled to do my taxes at noon today. I booked this appointment back in November as my guy books early. There was no way I could miss this. It's now 11:30 and I'm in a panic. I actually did tried a few of my neighbors but no one was answering their door. I figured I'd could just us Uber to get to my tax guy and as I was scheduling my Uber my manager texted me the "code" for the clicker and I as able to move the levers in the right position and open my garage.

I made it to my tax appointment just in time. After Mike finished my taxes he informed me that the numbers didn't look good and that he was hoping that I'd just break even. If I have to pay this will be the first time in all the years of me paying taxes that I would owe. I'll find out in a week or so the results.

So my nice relaxing Saturday has been anything but that. When I got home I decided that I didn't want to do anything. I was just going to sit down in front of the TV and veg for a while. Now I had choices in what to watch. I went back and forth with a few things but in the end decided to watch some Daredevil. I had still not seen season one and many of my friends have raved about it and with season two coming out soon I didn't want to fall further behind.

I started with episode 1 and then moved on to episode 2, then 3 and then 4. I had heard so much hype about this series and was hoping it could live up to it and obviously I enjoyed it as I couldn't stop watching. I loved the storytelling and bouncing between the past with his father to the present with his current situation. I main actor playing Daredevil is fantastic and I'm really liking the side characters. The fight scenes are amazing and as everyone said the finale fight scene in episode two was so well done. One continuous shot is tough and with all those moving parts it was extremely impressive.

This show is dark.. and after four episodes I had to stop and take a break from all that violence and dreed. As I said I enjoyed the show but I'll have to watch it in 4 episode blocks. I look forward to my next block of episodes.

I watched a few light hearted Big Bang Theory episodes to cleanse my palette before checking out the DVD extras for the webseries LARP's The Series. Getting DVD's of season one and two was a perk for contributing to the season two kickstarter. If you know me you know I love DVD extras and behind the scenes goodies and LARP's did not disappoint. They had deleted/extended scenes, hilarious commentary and many mini makings of. This cast and crew reminds me so much of The Guild and watching all these behind the scenes things just reminded me of the amazing years I spent working them.

So my relaxing day didn't start off that great but it ended on a high note.

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