Sunday, February 21, 2016

NerdStrong - Yoga Tune Up and Mobility for Performance Class

After workout today I headed to Hungry Fox to grab some brunch with some fellow NerdStrongers. As always brunch was fantastic and we had a fun time hanging out after a crazy workout. I walked back to the gym with Lauren and Brent. When we got back Lauren had an hour before she attended a special NerdStrong Yoga Tune Up and Mobility for Performance Class. Brent and I were not attending but we hung around to keep her company. After a half hour the coaches arrived and opened the gym. The three of us went inside and kind of just hung out. Coach Christy came by and asked if I wanted to join the Yoga Tune Up and Mobility for Performance Class as there was one more spot available. I had initially planned to visit my family so I didn't sign up this to class but I found out earlier in the day that everyone is sick so those plans were cancelled.  So I was free so when she asked me I considered it. I asked how much it cost and she said $40, I hesitated for a minute and coach Blair came over and said that he'd pay for it. He said that I do alot of the gym and it's the least he could do. I was very appreciative of the offer so of course I took the last spot.

Suddenly it was time for this 2 hour yoga/mobility class that I never intended on attending. Luckily I had my yoga mat in my car and I was still wearing my gym clothes from my earlier workout. We had a special guest host Alex Ellis leading the class. This yoga/mobility workout is all about working with small, medium and large balls. We started with the balls of our feet and worked all the way up to our neck. Alex was extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, muscles and tendons. She went into great detail about how and why we move the way we do.

The two hours just flew by and the next thing I knew the class was over. It was like giving yourself a massage and it felt amazing. Afterwards we had the option to purchase a set of these magic balls to continue our work on our mobility. I got two of the smaller balls and the large ball. I've used the large ball before in class on my back and it's amazing. The smaller balls are perfect for the feet and calves area. I look forward to continuing with these techniques.

Thank you to coach Christy for offering me the final spot and to coach Blair for making it happen. I'd also like to thank special guest coach Alex for a very informative and relaxing yoga/mobility class. If you want to learn more about Alex and her Yoga Tune Up and Mobility for Performance Class, check out her page HERE.

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