Monday, February 22, 2016

Pete's Dragon Trailer, Geeky Girl Toys & The Magicians Ep 6 Thoughts

Disney released a trailer for the remake of Pete's Dragon. The story looks a bit different then the original which is s classic and I must have seen hundreds of times when I was a kid.

Target stores are one of what I hope will be many retails store that are bringing geeky/nerdy things to the young girl population. As many have know girls can be geeky too and would like to see some of their favorite superheroins made into kick ass action figures. 

Well Target is finally making this happen. From an article about it "Hitting Target shelves this March, “DC Super Hero Girls” action figures – and the accompanying line of clothes featuring girl superhero awesomeness – are pretty freakin’ awesome. The toys will featuring some of the most famous lady superheroes out there like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and Bumble Bee. But they don’t stop there. They’re also including female villain action figures like Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn." You check out the full article HERE.

In the evening I watched The Magicians. You know I like the series when I watch it live. Tonight's episode is S1 Ep 6 "Impractical Applications" The first-years must pass a set of challenges called "the trials" set by the third years. During these, Quentin and Penny reconcile, Alice and Quentin share secrets, and Kady confesses the truth about her using Penny. Quentin turns into a goose at the end of the trials. Meanwhile, in an attempt to steal spells from Marina, Julia teams up with an older hedge witch who also has connections to Marina. The older Hedge witch turns out to be Kady's Mother and dies in the process of stealing the cabinet of spells from Marina's safe house. Kady had been working for Marina in payment of a debt related to her mother. Kady does not yet know that her mother has died and that Marina is responsible.

This episode has some crazy moments in it. I think the most shocking was the death of Kady's mother. It was very bloody but also looked extremely painful. We just meet this character in this episode but you feel bad for her. What a horrible way to die. I enjoyed the "tests" that the first years were put there. All these tests are so serious as if you don't pass you get your mind swiped and put back into the "normal" world, in essence you flunk out of collage. Some secrets are revealed with some not go good consequence and then of course you have the end when the remaining first years turn into geese and fly off.

Can't wait to see what happens next!!!

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