Friday, February 26, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Past Week

This week started off a bit wonky and I only worked out for four days this week.

Saturday I was stuck in my parking garage and couldn't make it to the gym. If you wish you can read more about my ordeal HERE.

So my workout week started with Sunday's TEAM workout. And the theme of this weeks workout was.. Hogwarts: Year One. We were sorted into our houses, this time I was sorted into my correct house of Hufflepuff. There were four classes (stations) and we worked out as a group. We started with our Platform 9 3/4 warm up which consisted of 460 Meter Pacman Run, 10x Air Squats, Triceps Stretch, Shoulder Stretch and Hamstring Stretch. We then move on to your main workout. As I said there were four classes, Transfiguration (Step-Ups), Defense Against the Dark Arts (1 Arm Steel Club Swing), Herbology (Air Squats) and Potions (Steel Club Front Press).  We were 3 rounds of 2:00 minutes of work and :30 seconds to transition to your next class. If you were caught by Mr. Filch and Mrs Norris you had to do 20 Jumping Jacks.

As for who started were of course Hufflepuffs started in Hebology, Ravenclaws started with Defense Against the Dark Arts, Gryffindors with Transfiguration and Slytherin had Potion Class. We then would rotate according to the white board.

Afterwards we took our O.W.L's (of practice O.W.L's) as we all know we don't take our real O.W.L's until our fifth year. That was 3 rounds of 20x Oblique Toe Touch, 20x Weighted Sit Ups and 20x Alternate Leg Levers. It was a great workout and a awesome theme.. can't wait for Year Two.

For Tuesday's DEX class we did 5 five minute AMRAPS (As Many Rounds As Possible) First one was 5x Pull Ups (Negatives) & then 10x Burpees. We rested for one minute and then did a plank for one minute before moving onto the next AMRAP which was 20x Twisting Wallslams (10 on each side) and then 40x Mountain Climbers. We then rested for a minute and planked for a minute. Our third AMRAP was 10x Push Ups and 10x Kettlebell Swings. And again we rested a minute and planked a minute before moving on to our fourth AMRAP. For that one we did 50x Seal Jacks and 10x V Ups. We rested and planked before moving on to our final AMRAP of 20 1 Arm Club Swings to Banner (10 on each arm) and then 10x Squats with Club and of course we finished with one minute of rest and one minute of planking.

For a finisher we did :30 seconds of work, :30 seconds of rest Alternate Heel Touch. Yeah there were horrible as they are nothing but core and after all the work you did your core isn't to happy with you.

Wednesday CON class was one of my favorite.. Taste the Painbow. That's where coach Blair has a bag of Skittles in his pocket and each color skittle is assigned a workout and then he rolls a die and we did that many of them. Here's the break down. Yellow skittles meant Sit Ups, Orange skittles meant Burpees, Blue was Goblet Squats, Green was a Run and Pink were Mountain Climbers. When all was said and done we did 157 Sit Ups, 48 Burpees, 148 Goblet Squats, 20 meters of running and 50 Mountain Climbers.

One reason I love this workout is that it can be extremely tough or fairly easy.. it all depends on the roll which the coach makes us do so we can't complete about the numbers. We fared a bit better then the 6am class as they did more of everything with exception to Sit Ups, we did 36 more of those then they did. Overall it wasn't a bad workout. Can't wait to do this one again.

Thursday STG day started off with a nice warm up of a 230 meter run, 1 minute of shoulder circles, then 3 rounds of 10x PVC PassThrus, 10x PVC Good Mornings and 10x Hanging Knee Raises. We finished with another 230 meter run. We then worked on some mobility and did 3 rounds of 10x Seat to Z-Press. We then moved into the main workout which was push presses. We did 8 sets of 3 starting at 60% of our Max Rep Count, then 70%, 80%, 85% and then back down to 65%, 75%, 85% and finally 90%. I didn't have a one rep max so my partner Lauren and I started with 95lbs and went up from there. After the fourth or fifth rounds your arms start to feel like jello but you push through. And to make things worse in between sets we did what the coaches like to call and "active" rest. We did :30 seconds of rowing, which doesn't sound like alot but when your arms are like jello, rowing for :30 seconds is extremely difficult. For a finisher we did :30 seconds of work and :15 seconds of rest doing Medball Slams and Medball Sprawls.. we did 8 rounds before calling it a day.

Bummed I only got four days in for this workout session but Saturday was unexpected and there really wasn't anything I could do. But the four workouts I did do this week were fantastic.. as all workouts I do at NerdStrong Gym are... Thank Coaches.

Tonight I went back to Nerdstrong but not to workout .. tonight was our monthly NerdStrong Gym Game Night. As always we had a blast. Got to play games I loved and also tried out a new one. Good times are always had at Game Night.

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