Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Getting Contacts For The First Time

Today I took and extended lunch and headed to Costco to see the eye doctor and see if I could possible get contact. I tried to wear contact back in my 20's and was never able to get them in my eyes. But after years of cosplaying I'm tired of not having my glasses on while at the Con and having to pull them out to read my phone everytime. So I figured I'd try again.

I knew I had to get a new prescription as my prescription for my glasses wouldn't work for contact lenses. I went through your typical eye exam and was told that I could indeed get contacts. I didn't realize that I was going to get contacts right then and there and that they were going to put a set in right away. It was an interesting experience having someone try and poke your eye and you allowing it. After several tries my doctor finally managed to get my right one in. The left one took a bit longer. I kept apologizing for blinking but he said this was perfectly normal. Once they were in they only irritated my eyes for a few minutes before I started to get use to them. These were only my temp contacts as I need a certain prescription and they should be arriving in two weeks but these should work for the time being. It's a very bizarre experience to not have my glasses on yet see extremely well.

But the adventure isn't over.. the doctor now sent me out to his assistant and they were going to teach me how to remove my contact and how to put them in myself. She explained the technique and after ten minutes I managed to get my right contact out.. she was impressed. It took another ten or so minutes for me to get my left one out. I was extremely happy at how fast I got them out. Now the real test.. getting them back in. I tried over and over again but couldn't get it done. Again I kept apologizing to the assistant but like with the Doctor she said this is normal. After about a half hour I managed to get my right contact back in and about twenty minutes later I got my left one in. In all it took me just over an hour to get both of my contacts it.

When I went in to get these contact I didn't intend to wear them all the time. It was more for times when glasses would get in the way, like with cosplay. But after having these in for an hour I played with the idea of wearing on a more regular bases.

I could only wear them for about two hours before I had to take them out, the next day I would do 4 hours then 6 and so on until I could wear them all day. My only issue with these particular contact is that I had to strain a bit when I read text on my phone. The computer wasn't that bad but the phone was nearly impossible and I was just kind of guessing what I was reading and typing. I'm hoping my actual prescription will be better at reading extremely small print. But for now I'll just try and get better at putting them in and taking them out. When I remove them at work it only took me about four attempts to get both out. But the real test will be tomorrow morning and getting them back in.. wish me luck. 

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