Saturday, February 27, 2016

Boldly Go!! A Star Trek Musical

After my amazing day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood, I headed to Pasadena to see a Star Trek Parody musical called Boldly Go! My buddy Adam mentioned that he was attending and asked if anyone wanted to join him. I love Star Trek and this sounded fun so I of course said yes. Here's more about the musical.

A musical of both substance and comedy, Boldly Go! follows the intrepid crew of the Starship Enterprise, along with some new characters, on an exciting and hilarious adventure. Assumptions will be confronted, paradigms challenged, alliances tested, and new contacts made – whether for good or ill as yet to be seen. And it’s all set to a side-splitting tour de force of musical mayhem!

While having fun with the sometimes farcical aspects of science fiction and parodying Star Trek, this new show—written by brothers Cole Remmen and Caltech theoretical physics graduate student Grant Remmen—also satirizes the musical theater genre. At its core, Boldly Go! is a story about being true to oneself and one’s convictions, about friendship and love, about discovery and wonder, about the triumph of the individual over adversity, and about the joy of sharing with each other this vast and mysterious Universe.

I found this interesting as this is an extra curricular activity for the students of Cal Tech, these are nerds and techy geeks. So I expected the sets to be amazing, and they were but I didn't expect some of the great acting and singing. They got this amazing looking and extremely talented Kirk and Spook was spot on as well. The rest of the cast was great and varied from pretty good to completely terrified when it came to acting and singing. I enjoyed the story and about 80% of the songs. The Doctor really stole the show with his amazing song, it was one of my favorites.

I loved everything about this, it wasn't perfect and the acting and singing was hit and miss but I didn't care. It was fun and entertaining and I was so happy that Adam brought this to my attention. The only downside was up until 5 minutes before the play started the seat in front of me was empty because the gentleman in front of that seat was fairly tall. Well just before the lights went down this extremely tall man sat in front of me and completely blocked my view. I was beyond annoyed but it was one of the few seats left as the show sold out so he might not of had any other choice but I spent the entire musical bobbing my head back and forth but I did miss a few key moments that happened right in the middle of the stage. But as I said I loved this musical and had a great time... Thank again Adam.

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