Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shannara Chronicles S1 Ep9 - My Thoughts

Before work today I watched The Shannara Chronicles S1 Ep9 "Safehold" Wil, Amberle, and Eretria arrive at Safehold, which turns out to be the ruins of San Francisco and Oakland (the name Safehold coming off the highway sign missing some letters). Eretria discovers that the tattoo on her back is a magical map to the location of the Bloodfire, and leads the group there. They are confronted by the Guardians of the Bloodfire, who attempt to turn the group against each other. Ander sends Commander Tilton to make an alliance with the Gnomes against the Demons. Allanon tries to teach Bandon how to use his gifts, but the Dagda Mor continues to control the seer's mind, forcing him to attack Ander, Catania, and finally Allanon, who subdues him. Elven Councilor Kael Pindanon, thinking Ander too weak to lead the Elves, attempts to seize the throne for herself and has Ander imprisoned. Commander Tilton and Slanter return to Arborlon with a Gnome army and free Ander from prison, and the Council accepts Ander as king after he announces the alliance with the Gnomes. Overcoming the mental assaults of the Guardians, Eretria finds that her blood is the key to unlocking the Bloodfire and impales her hand on a magical spike, causing the Bloodfire to ignite. Wil destroys the Guardians with the Elfstones, and Amberle immerses herself in the Bloodfire. When the Bloodfire vanishes, Wil finds that Amberle is nowhere to be seen, and Eretria is unconscious. The last leaf falls from the Ellcrys, and the Elves and Gnomes prepare for war as the Dagda Mor's Demon army begins its march on Arborlon.

This episode was amazing.. each episode up to this point has moved the story along slowly.. but today we finally get to Safehold and all hell breaks loose. I've really grown to like Eretria, if you asked me back with episode one if she would be a favorite I would have laughed but now she has actually become one of my favorites. I love that she is the key to everything, we've barely scratched the surface of who or what she is. I hope we see more of her past, that is if she survives.. she is currently unconscious/possible dead.  Really enjoyed all the Anders stuff, him claiming the throne then being thrown in the dungeon only to pull off a union between the Elfs and Gnomes.. great stuff. He truly has become the Elven King.  I was hoping Bandon defeated Dagda Mor's mind control but it doesn't look like that happened.

We only have one episode left and I don't know how they are going to resolve all the stuff that's about to happen. We have a war about to start, I do hope they resolve this storyline before it concludes next week. I haven't heard if the series got picked up for a second season or if it was meant to be a mini series and just a 10 episode story arc. Regardless I can't wait to see how this all ends (or doesn't end). Can't wait until next week.

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