Sunday, February 28, 2016

Visiting Hogsmeade Again!!

After my NerdStrong workout today I cancelled all my plans for so could attend The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Hollywood again. I had such an amazing time yesterday I couldn't resist going again today. I put a call out for friends to join me and my buddy Dallas took me up on my offer. I got to the park around noon and made my way to the entrance. Since it's a soft opening "aka technical rehearsal" you never know when they will open or close it. When I checked #Potterwatch at 11am after my workout they said it was open so I was hoping it still was when I approached it and sure enough it was. I entered and once again I got chills, I don't think I'll ever stop getting chills when I enter Hogsmeade. I hung around the entrance as my buddy Dallas was making his way into the park. It was fun to watch people's face's light up when they entered through the Hogsmeade gate. Adults and Children alike it didn't matter, you could tell it was a magical moment.

Dallas got past me somehow but I managed to find him over by Zonkos. The first thing we did was walk the entire park so he could see everything.. as I mentioned in my last blog this only takes a few minutes. We walked through the various shops, experienced Olivanders (neither of us were chosen).  We enjoyed some lunch at The Three Broomsticks where Dallas got the Butterbeer Potted Cream. He allowed me to have a spoonful and  have to say my taste buds went crazy. Now I love all thing Butterbeer but I have to say this was the best Butterbeer flavor thing I had tasted so far. The Frozen Butterbeer is still my favorite drink but this potter cream was AMAZING!!! It took all my will power to only have two bites.

After we ate we headed over to The Forbidden Journey ride, we decided to do the single rider line first just so he could experience the ride and then we'd do the regular line and enjoy the inside of Hogwarts Castle. As we approached the final section of line an employee asked both Dallas and I to sit in the "test" chairs to see if we could fit. There is a harness that comes over you and if you're to large they will not allow you to ride. I told the guy that I had already rode it yesterday and to be honest I was kind of insulted that he though I was to large for the ride. Unfortunately Dallas is not only a tall but large as well and he couldn't fit in the car so we had to exit the ride. I'm sure it was humiliating to Dallas but if you know Dallas he joked it off. When we got back down to the entrance to the ride we saw that they had two chairs there to test and see if you could fit on the ride. When you pull the overhead bar down you have to get a green light.. As much as we pulled and push he was just shy of getting a green light.

We headed over to the other ride "Flight of the Hippogriff" And again Dallas was asked to go over and sit in the their "test" chair to see if he would fit and again he was too large so we weren't able to enjoy that ride as well. I felt bad that he wasn't able to ride either of the two rides in that section of the park. But we did have a great time hanging out at Hogsmeade.

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