Friday, March 4, 2016

The Real O'Neals

Tonight I watched the first two episode of the a new comedy called The Real O'Neils, if you've never heard of it.. here's a quick synopsis: The close-knit, Chicago-based O'Neals seem to be the perfect Catholic family, but when surprising truths come to light, some lives take an unexpected turn. Eileen, Pat, Kenny, Jimmy, Shannon and Jodi decide to let the honesty ring in a new, less tidy chapter of their story, where they all drop their carefully honed facades and discover the unexpected freedom that accompanies just acting real. Instead of being torn apart, the O'Neals find that their newfound way of life actually brings them closer together.

I enjoyed the commercials so I figured I'd give this show a shot and I'm glad I did. Yes there are some stereotypical "gay" troupes in it,  but what I really liked about these first two episodes is how funny they were. I actually liked episode two better then one. There were several laugh out loud moments but it also had so much heart. I like that the main actor who plays Kenny (great name btw) is actually gay in real life. I'm loving the older brother and his relationship with Kenny.

I don't watch many sitcoms these days but I'm glad I added this one to my weekly viewing. Aside from some lame stereotypical jokes this series has potential of becoming something very special. 

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