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New MASH Podcast & Finishing Agent Carter

Geekyfanboy Productions released a new episode of the MASH 4077 Podcast. This is episode 123/124, covering Season 6, Episode 1 & 2 - Fade Out, Fade In

While Margaret is away on her honeymoon, Frank Burns is sent on R&R where he shows signs of having a nervous breakdown. Colonel Potter puts in a request for a replacement surgeon from Tokyo where they are sent a stuffy cutter named Maj. Charles Emerson Winchester. His first day at the 4077th rubs Hawkeye the wrong way as he is pushed aside for the new guy.

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Tonight I watched the final three episodes of Agent Carter. I was killing me having to wait but sometime life/work gets in the way. First up was S2 Ep 8 "The Edge of Mystery", then S2 Ep 9 "A Little Song and Dance" and then finally S2 Ep 10 "Hollywood Ending"

Let's start with "The Edge of Mystery", Frost tells Wilkes that if he accepts the power of the Zero Matter within him then he will be able to control it. Carter and Sousa meet with Frost, giving her fake uranium in exchange for Wilkes. Frost soon realizes the ruse, and pursues them. Wilkes, learning to control his abilities and change between corporeal and non-corporeal states, turns on Carter, demanding that Sousa reveal the location of the real uranium. Sousa directs him to a vault at the SSR. Ana survives surgery, but loses the ability to have children. Thompson overhears Frost telling Masters to retrieve the uranium, but is incapacitated by Masters. Carter and Sousa join Thompson, and, along with Jarvis and a new gamma cannon courtesy of Stark, travel to the Isodyne atomic testing area. Wilkes is sucked into a rift created by the now armed atomic bomb, but the cannon closes the rift and returns Wilkes, now full of Zero Matter. A revenge-seeking Jarvis shoots Frost, but she survives due to her Zero Matter. Jarvis and Carter are taken hostage by Manfredi's men.

The story is really starting to ramp up.. Ana survives the gun shot but can no longer have children. This shows us a side of Jarvis that we've never seen. He's out for pure revenge. He doesn't care what Peggy says he want's to kill Frost. And when the time comes he doesn't hesitate, pulls out a guy and shots her. Of course she's not human anymore so the bullets don't effect her. You can tell Peggy is in shock and so disappointed in him. Another shocker was Dr. Wilkes turning against Peggy and Sousa, I have to admit that this kind of made me happy since I want Carter to wind up with Sousa and then pretty much sealed the deal.

Then I watched "A Little Song and Dance" Carter and Jarvis escape capture while Thompson and Sousa return to the SSR. Manfredi sets up a new lab for Frost in an abandoned facility, where she begins trying to take all of Wilkes' Zero Matter for herself. Thompson convinces Masters to use the gamma cannon against Frost, then visits Frost, warning her of Masters' treachery and offering to turn on him in exchange for a seat on the Council. Thompson then turns on Carter and Sousa, delaying them, as he actually intends to remote detonate the cannon to kill Frost, Masters, and Wilkes. Thompson turns Masters over to Frost, but the SSR manage to jam his detonator signal before he can detonate the cannon. Carter tries to get Wilkes out of the building, but he refuses to leave knowing what he has become. Thompson holds the others at gunpoint until his signal is un-jammed, though Carter is still unwilling for Wilkes to die. As Frost begins killing Masters, he notices that the cannon is being activated. However, Wilkes finds them then, and unleashes all the Zero Matter from within himself.

This episode had one of the greatest openings of any episode of Carter. It started with a musical number and everyone including Angie from season one was in it. Of course it's revealed to be a dream of Peggy's but it was still pretty awesome. There is this amazing scene between Peggy Carter and Jarvis and you know their friendship is over. She is so upset that he "tried" to kill Whitney. But then he reveals to Peggy that Ana can't have children and Peggy soften, Jarvis explains how he is a coward because he hasn't told his wife that she can't have children yet. The acting is amazing and I say this with ever Agent Carter review.. these two have amazing chemistry. Then we have Thompson who seemed to be going down a dark path but looked to be turning away from it but then does another 180 and looks like he's the bad guy again. And of course we have the end with Wolkes blowing up.. so happy I don't have to wait a week for the finale.

And finally I watched the season finale live "Hollywood Ending" Frost absorbs the Zero Matter released from Wilkes, who is rescued by Carter, as Stark returns and aids in their escape. Thompson finds in Masters' possession a supposedly incriminating file on Carter and a secret Council key. Manfredi becomes concerned with Frost's behavior, and her new obsession with opening another rift, this time with a machine of her own design. He meets with Stark—an old friend of his—and the others, and agrees to distract Frost while Carter and Sousa photograph the blueprints for Frost's machine, which Stark and Wilkes build themselves. They open a new rift, and Frost is drawn to it. They use the gamma cannon to knock the Zero Matter from her, into the other dimension; Frost is left insane from her time controlled by the Zero Matter, and is placed in a mental asylum. Thompson gives the secret key to Carter, who is convinced to stay in Los Angeles to be with Sousa. Thompson prepares to return to New York, but is shot in his hotel room; the shooter takes the file on Carter.

We find out that Thompson isn't such a bad guy after all. He gives Carter the "secret Hydra key" that kind of seals the deal that's he's a good guy. Unfortunately at the end he is shot and the shooter takes the file on Peggy. We are left not knowing if he's alive but from the amount of blood I'd say he's not long for this world. I think it was a little to easy to take down Frost but that didn't take away the enjoyment of everyone teaming up to help fight her. And my favorite part of the episode.. Carter and Sousa finally kissing and I mean kissing hard.. it was amazing.

Overall I loved this season, was it better then season one.. no but I can say it was just as good. Season one was super special and kind of had many different stories but season two was just one huge crazy adventure that ran the entire season. I know the rating haven't been that great for Carter so it's doubtful that we will see a season three but my fingers are crossed. If this is it, if this is the last of Carter I can say that I'm happy with the conclusion. I mean we don't know about Thompson and there are plenty of mysteries still to solve but I felt this finale was satisfying on so many levels.

If you haven't seen any Agent Carter you are really missing out on some very special TV. Definitely check it out.

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