Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Finding Dory Trailer & A New IPhone

I can't wait for this movie..

Today I got my new iPhone 6s Plus. It's been over three years since I had a new phone and my last phone was an iPhone 5. The past six or so month it's been acting up and with the new updated IOS systems I had to stop downloading them as it made my phone very sluggish. So it was time to bit the bullet and get a new phone.

ATT no longer has their two year contacts and are instead letting you make payments on your phone over the coarse of 24 to 36 months. I hate this idea and rather do a two year contract and get a discount or free iphone (though a few models behind). But with this new systems I opted to get the best of the best iphone. The difference between the phone I got 6s Plus and the regular 6 is only a few dollars a month and the 6s has a camera that is leaps and bound over the regular 6 camera. I knew that I wanted a plus as I do alot on my phone and I like the look of the larger screen. I also went with the largest amount of space 128gb. My old 5 had 16gb and I was constantly having to download pictures and remove apps every week to ensure that it ran properly. So I went the largest.. again the price difference between this one and a step down was only a few dollars a week. I haven't really done much with it so far as I'm charging it up but I hope to get a more indepth checking out tomorrow when I head to work.

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  1. Congrats on getting your new iPhone and have fun with all of those exciting features! Slow download speeds are not fun. It was definitely time to get a new iPhone. The new camera seems to be one of the features that you will be using a lot. You can make great short films with that camera. The phone has a lot of storage space.