Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hamilton Grammy Performance & Potter Cake

A few months ago I knew nothing about this play called Hamilton, then suddenly it was everywhere and everyone was talking about it. We even did a workout to the soundtrack at NerdStrong Gym. Tonight on the Grammy's the entire cast preformed one of the songs from the play and it was spectacular. I kind of understand all the hype and why it's sold out in New York.  I had planned to post the video of the performance but it looks like they have been taken down from You Tube. Needless to say I was impressed and really enjoyed the performance and music.

The other thing I wanted to share was this AMAZING Harry Potter cake.  This is a grooms cake for Football player Mike Evans, Wide Receiver for the Tampa Bay Bucs. I don't know who made this but it looks like something the Cake Boss would make.

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