Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice - My Thoughts

After work I got to hang out with my friend Lauren. We had planned to see Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last night with a few other friends but one by one they had to pull out so tonight Lauren and I decided that we would just go by ourselves. We started the night with dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings (Lauren had never been there before).

Afterwards we headed to the AMC Burbank 16, we were seeing Batman v Superman in their Prime theaters. This is a theater that has nice large seats that recline and kind of vibrate with the sounds of the movie. Of course this theater cost more, about $22 a ticket and honestly it wasn't anything special, I mean the seats were amazing and it was cool but I don't know if it was worth the extra cost. But I'm not blogging about the theater I'm blogging about my thoughts on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Of course I was aware of all the negativity this film has gotten but it was the same with Man of Steel and I loved Man of Steel so I knew that I would enjoy this movie as well and sure enough I did. First let me say that I never understood why Batman would want to fight Superman, since they have always been on the same side but the story behind this movie was good and made sense to me. Yes the story is dark as well as the film itself. Would I prefer a happier go lucky Superman.. sure but that's not this Superman. He's still finding his way as Superman and dealing with human nature. I think that's why I don't mind the change in this character. I feel at his core he is still the same character but he's still learning his ways to become the Superman we all know and love. I feel this is the most realistic version of Superman.

I thought Batman was so narrow minded in this movie. He says if there was a 1% chance that Superman was going to turn on them they have to take that as an absolute... that's just crazy thinking. Because of this I couldn't really get behind Batman, I thought Ben Affleck did a great job, but I just wasn't a fan of his. loved Alfred, enjoyed Lois Lane and so happy they introduced Wonder Woman.. who was pretty fantastic and got me really excited for her solo film. I like that we get a quick glimpse at Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman. I can't wait to see more of them in future films.

The special effect were amazing and the fight scenes were fantastic. I loved Batman's hand on hand fighting technique. I will admit that they gave away to much in the trailers for this movie, but it didn't take away the excitement. I was not happy with the ending but I know it's not really the end. Oh and one more thing I didn't think I would like this version of Lex but man he was a horrible man and so well done... I hated him with ever fiber of my being... that's good character writing.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. Was it everything I was hoping for.. of course not. Did it have it's flaws.. yep. Will I buy it when it comes out on blu-ray.. for sure. Am I excited for Justice League.. oh yeah!! I give Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a solid B+

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