Friday, April 1, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - Weekly Recap

So I'm going to make these NerdStrong Recap blog posts quick.. at least until I catch up with my blog (currently a month behind). This past week I was able to do my full five days of workouts.. which was great. I started off with Saturday's CON class though I attended the 9am class which is an hour earlier then my usual 10am class but it was Wondercon and I wanted to get a workout in before I went to con. This was my first Saturday in two weeks so I got a taste of this months Boss Monster and it was pretty tough. For Sunday's TEAM workout I did my usual 9am class as it was the last day of Wondercon. We saw the return of the Uber Viking workout. It's one of the toughest but also one of the more enjoyable ones as well. Tuesday's DEX class was a fun one as we got to use the Wheel of Dexterity. Which meant we did a very random and customized workout. Wednesday's CON class was a classic Saturday Boss Monster workout.. and just like before it was a tough one but I did manage to finish the entire workout in the allotted time. Thursday's STG class was one of my favorite barbell workouts.. Bench Press. We actually did a bench press ladder which is tough but satisfying when you finish it. Overall it was another great workout week.. Thanks NerdStrong.

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