Monday, March 28, 2016

Buddy Bench and The Gift

Several videos I want to share with you guys.. first one is about a buddy bench. I never heard of these but I guess they have been around in schools for a while. If you don't know what the Buddy Bench is watch the video below. I wish they had these back in the day when I went to school.. would have saved me a lot of lonely school days.

The second video I saw on Facebook and thought it was well done. No words are said but so much is actually said. I like how the women didn't give her "heart" away but instead shared it with the man. When I went to find this video on You Tube to post here on my blog I found a much longer version of this video. The only part I saw was when the women leaves the guys and takes his "heart" with her and you kind of feel bad for the guy. But seeing this longer version of their relationship and why she leaves him it kind of makes sense. It kind of changed my view of their relationship. After watching the full video I kind of feel bad for the girl, no wonder she left him. But I still like the idea of not giving your heart completely away but instead share it with the one you love. Great video and as you can see it won lots of awards.

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