Sunday, March 27, 2016

Wondercon Day 2

After going to WonderCon yesterday and seeing all the amazing cosplayers I had to cosplay today. This morning I quickly prepped my wig and patched up my poor Hobbit feet for one last adventure. I got to try out my new Hobbit ears (these are official WETA Samwise ears that I got from SDCC last year). Like with yesterday a group of us were taking the subway to the Los Angeles Convention Center. But this time I'm dressed as a Hobbit (Frodo) and got lots of stares. Some folks would ask why we were dressed up but most just stared or took pictures.

Once at the con we hit the dealers floor and walked around for a bit. We grabbed some lunch mid day and then headed back into the main hall. The last few cons I haven't been getting as much attention in my Hobbit cosplay. Since there are no new Hobbit/Lord of the Rings movies coming out the fandom has kind of died down a bit. But of course you still get the uber fans who think you look amazing and are so excited to take a picture with you.. those are the people that make cosplaying so much fun.  Towards the end of the day we went to the main entrance area where a bunch of cosplayers just hang out and take pictures. I got some of the best pictures there. I came across an Ariel and Prince Eric, they looked amazing and I was so excited to get a picture with them but what made it even better was that Prince Eric was super excited to take a picture with me. I love when cosplayers are excited for other cosplayers.

Had a great time this Wondercon, next year it will be back down in Anaheim which means I'll have to get a hotel room and drive down there. Next up is San Diego Comic Con in July.

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