Saturday, March 26, 2016

Wondercon Day 1

After an early workout I headed out to Wondercon. I actually met up with friends Jes, Dallas, Hayley, Kimi, Derek, Naomi and Lauren at the North Hollywood Red Line to take the metro/subway to the convention center. This year the con was happening at the Los Angeles Convention Center instead of the usual Anaheim Convention Center so the subway was a viable option.

It was a interesting experience taking the subway, though I opted not to cosplay today, friends Hayley, Kimi, Jes and Dallas did so I got to see reactions from various people on the subway... it was pretty great. With exception to the creepy old guy taking video of Kimi in her Wonder Women costume, he was trying to be sneaky but I spotted him and had Kimi move to an inside seat. Other then that the expeience was fine, it's a great way to get to the convention center and saves a ton of money on parking (currently $40).

Once we were there we found out way to the badge area. At first the line looked super long but it actually took about fifteen minutes to get through it and it was pretty painless.

First thing we did was head to the food trucks to grab some lunch. That in itself is an experience. We ran into a few friends while we were there also my brother showed up to grab his badge from Jes (Thanks Jes for getting my brother a badge).

Once we were feed we hit the sales floor and for the next four hours we walked around, checked out booths and took a lot of pictures of amazing cosplayers. I have to admit seeing all these people dressed up really made me miss cosplaying. So I have decided that I will Frodo it up tomorrow. I spent most of my time with my friend Lauren. Other friends would come and go but Lauren and I were together then entire time.

Around 5pm my buddy Eric Campbell was on a panel about webseries so a few of us headed over to give it a watch. When the panel was over the con floor was closed and we all were tired so the few that were left made out way back to the subway and made our way home.

It was a good con day. Nothing to crazy, just lots of walking and enjoying the company of my friends and the amazing cosplayers.

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