Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Accepting Compliments

This morning coach Andrew complimented me on my appearance, he said I was looking thinner. My first thought was, no way.. he's must be joking with me (Coach Andrew is a jokester). He said it in front of the class he was teaching so of course others joined in with some woohoo's and such.

I was embarrassed as i don't like to draw attention to myself, especially my physical appearance but what was worse was that I couldn't just accept his compliment. When I realized he was being serious I came up with excuses.. maybe it's the lighting, or that I'm sucking my gut in just right or this shirt makes me look thinner. I never once thought.. yeah I am looking thinner... thanks for noticing.. and that makes me sad.

I'm so programmed to not accept compliments, Up until this past year I haven't really received compliments about my appearance. So it's unusual for me when I get them. I don't see myself as losing weight.. I only see the weight I still have to lose. I know I will never be skinny or thin as I have a stocky built but I wish I could see what others see in me. Instead of questioning their motives I'd like to agree with them and just simply say Thank you.

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