Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stop the Negativity and Hate

Today when I got on Facebook I was bombarded by so much negativity and hate about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Critic reviews came out today and needless to say they weren't so kind. What upset me most wasn't the negative reviews (as I don't really care what critic's think) it was the fact that so many people jumped on the "I hate this movie" bandwagon when they hadn't even seen it yet. I can accept negative comments after you see something and you honestly didn't like it. But to complain about it before you've even seen it is just stupid.

These weren't just "I told you so" kind of comments these were vicious and mean comments towards Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Ben Affleck and this is based solely on trailers and the critic negative reviews. Such hatred is just idiotic and a waste of energy in my opinion.

Of course you ask why do I care, it's doesn't effect me and believe me I try and not let all the negativity get to me but seeing post after post in friends timelines takes it toll. I actually unfriended and stopped following a few people for their horrible bashing. Again everyone has a right to their opinion but please wait until you actually see the movie to complain about it.. Thanks.

And since I'm on the I hate "hate" thing.. You know you can promote and cheer on your presidential candidate without tearing down their opponent. I'd respect your argument so much more... just saying. I'm not talking about Democrats vs Republicans.. I'm now seeing Sanders supports bashing Hillary and vice versa.

I'm just so tired of all this hate and negativity... Between the negative comments about movies and the hateful bashing of presidential candidates I considered taking a break from Facebook. If I didn't have this blog or my podcasts I think I would but this is really the only way to promote those things. So I'll just do my best to ignore and even unfriend/unfollow people who hate or post negativity on a regular bases.

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