Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Real O'Neals & An Emotional Ending to Shield

I'm continuing to enjoy ABC's new comedy The Real O'Neals. This weeks episode was particularly fantastic. Eileen decides it's time to get a fresh start in her life by applying for her first job since her kids were born. Meanwhile, Pat realizes he might not be ready for the single life just yet, even though his patrol partner, Archie, thinks otherwise. And as Kenny wonders who he will date next, Jimmy takes it upon himself to help him explore the newfound world of online dating.

Kenny's brother Jimmy is quickly becoming my favorite character on this series. I love his relationship with his younger brother. He accepts Kenny for who he is and even tries to help him become a better gay man. I don't know how realistic this character is but it's still pretty fantastic.

And on a quite different note tonight's Agents of Shield had me in tears.. and when I say tears I mean heart hurting and uncontrollable tears. This was S3 Ep13 "Parting Shots" After tracking Malick to Russia , Bobbi and Hunter become involved in an assassination plot; the team is changed forever as they race to save lives in the balance.

This episode is a major Bobby and Hunter episode and as it unfolds you realize what's happening and know what the end results is going to be. If you follow Shield news you know those two characters were going to do a spin off pilot so I figured they were going to leave the show and of course we knew they weren't going to die. The part that killed me was their goodbye scene. Between the incredible acting and the music I was a blubbering mess and watching it on repeat viewings I cry everytime.. it's so well done. In fact it's such an amazing scene that ABC posted it on youtube.. be sure to grab some tissues before you start watching... oh man just thinking about it is killing me.

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