Friday, March 25, 2016

NerdStrong Gym - My Weekly Recap

Only got in four days of workouts this week but there was a good reason why I didn't get my full five.

Instead of Saturdays CON workout I did the Warrior Dash with some fellow NerdStrongers,  you can check out my blog post if you want to read more about that awesome experience.

Sunday's TEAM workout was all about Peewee's Playhouse. This was a fun one, not the workout it self because it was tough like all the others, we started with 22x Burpees and then a 25 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) of 10x Headcutters, 1 Minute Chair Pose, 25x Kettlebell Swings, 100x Jumping Jacks, 25x Wallball Sit Ups and a 230 Meter Run. To finish off the workout we did a TABATA Hollow Hold. What made this workout fun was the secret word of the day "Up". Everytime one of the coaches said "Up" we all screamed.. we screamed alot as the word "Up" comes up a lot during a workout.

Tuesday's DEX workout started with a pretty long warm up, 2 rounds of 7x Scap Pulls, 7x Scap Push Ups, Door Stretch, J-Hook Calf Stretch, then 2 rounds of 10x Bridges and 10x Slow Frog. For the main workout it was a ladder for Push Ups and Pulls Ups. We started with 10x Push Ups and worked our way down to 1 while we started with 1 Pull Up and work our way up to 10 Pull Ups. Push Ups are a piece of cake but pull ups are something completely different. At my best I can do two pull ups in a row, so instead I scaled down to Lat Rows instead. As a finisher we did 4 rounds of :45 seconds of work, :30 seconds of rest Jump Rope, Kettlebell Swings and Burpees. It was a good one.. I enjoy doing ladders.

Wednesday's CON workout was a former Boss Monster, we had a nice warm up and then did 100 Jumping Jacks, 920 Meter Run (4 times around the parking lot), 80x Squats, 70x V-Ups, 60 second Plank, 50x Alt Steel Club Pullovers, 460 Meter Run (2 times around the parking lot), 20x Hanging Knee Raises, 20x  Turkish Get Ups and finally 10x Burpees. Of course we have a 35 minute time cap so you just slowly chip away at the list hoping to reach the end before time runs out. I honestly can't remember if I finished this or not.. all I know when I was done I was exhausted. Everybody was exhausted.. these kinds of chipper workouts are tough.

Thursday's STG workout started with a pretty hefty warm up, 2 laps around the parking lot, then 10x Banded Good Mornings, 10x Banded Pass Thrus, 10x Air Squats, 10x Banded Squats and 10x addition Air Squats. We then did 2 minutes of Pigeon Stretching and then Banded Hamstring Stretch before finishing up with 10x Straight Leg to Ground Hang and then 10x Bent Knee to Chest Hang.

That was a workout in itself but the actual main workout was 10 Rounds of 10x Sandbag Cleans, 10x Reverse Lunge with Sandbag, 20x 1-Handed Steel Club Swing and then 60 seconds of rest. About round 5 your are dying but somehow  you push yourself five more rounds. And if that wasn't enough for a finisher we did a :15 second Leg Raise Holds TABATA. 

Overall another great week of working out at NerdStrong Gym.

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