Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My New Podcast...

So I finally started moving forward once again with my new Podcast, The Geek Roundtable. Well actually it's an old podcast that I have been trying to get off the ground since 2010. It started off as an idea of my friend Jen and I and we called it Epic Geek Out. It was going to be this quick kind of debate geeky topics kind of podcast.  But both of us were extremely busy and we just couldn't get things underway so it feel by the waist side.

In 2012 I revived the idea but Epic Geek Out name was taken so I changed the name to The Geek Roundtable and I also tweaked the concept a little bit. My former co-host Jen was busy with her own podcast and her family so I asked my friend Charles to co-host it with me. I even created a promo and was moving forward when life got in the way once again and this podcast went on the back burner.

I tired again briefly in 2015 to get something going, I even sent out a surveys to my friends to see which topics they would be interested in taking about but work got extremely busy and I let it go.

Now 2016 I am determined to get this podcast off the ground. I enlisted about 40 of my friends/Nerdstrongers to be guest hosts. I've set up a date to record the first few episodes. This actually might happen... now I take that back.. this will happen.

My previous co-host Charles moved on to his very own podcast so I decided to only have guests hosts that were local. It just makes things easier all round and I like the feel of the podcast when people are in the same room interacting.

Here's a description of my new podcast The Geek Roundtable: It starts with 10 minutes of the latest geeky news, we then move into our group discuss and/or debate. Here we have four to five guests discussing or debating one geeky topic. For example an episode topic of discussion could be Lord of the Rings (movies) or a debate could be Original Star Trek vs New Star Trek. It's a causal discuss/debate, it's as though you are sitting around with friends chatting. Each episode will run from 30 to 60 minutes long and they will be released twice a month 1st and 15th. If you're interested in joining in the fun and live in the Los Angeles area drop me a line on Facebook, Twitter or leave a comment here. I don't know exactly when the first episode will be out but I'll keep you all posted.

This will be produced by my Geekyfanboy Productions.

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  1. I definitely would like to get in on this, and I'm sure Doug would too. We've got our own show, the Evil Clones Podcast and would love to do a jam show!