Saturday, March 12, 2016

Tux Fitting and St Patrick Day Celebration

Still not feeling that great but took some meds so I could go to my tux fitting for Robert's upcoming wedding. Robert, Will, Tamar, Dallas, and George joined me in a downtown tux shop to try on our tuxedos. Unfortunately Chris (another groomsman) wasn't able to join us. Once by one we were sized for our tuxes.

While we waited I had a bit of fun trying on various other suit jackets. I came across this red one that was to small for me but man did it make me look good. I could wear this and look amazing if I didn't have to breath.

After getting fitted for our tuxes Robert took us out for lunch, joining us for lunch was Will, Dallas, Robert and myself. We walked to the local Counter for some tasty burgers.

When I got home from lunch I had a package waiting for me at my door. It was my air brush machine. I'm looking forward to playing with this but I need to find the right kind of make up to use with an air brush. I want to practice as much as possible before I use to for Wondercon or more likely San Diego Comic Con.

In the evening I wasn't feeling so hot but I couldn't miss Will's legendary St Patrick Day party. Once again I took some meds to help with the feeling crappy, put on my green plaid hat and made my way over to his place. As always there were alot of people and I did my best socialize but I really wasn't feeling great and managed to stay until about midnight.

Overall it was a good day, just wish I didn't feel so horrible.

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