Sunday, March 13, 2016

My New Companions

Got up early and headed to a park where I was to meeting up with a person who ran a local Rattery. I was picking up my pet rats today. I had intended to get at least two (Frodo and Sam) but there was a possibility that I'd be getting four (Pippin and Merry). She brought five rats with her and I got to hang out with them for a few minutes. The first one I grabbed was the only dark one and he just sat in my arms very content and happy. This was my Frodo. The next one I grabbed was an all white one, he was a bit more active but like Frodo he didn't mind being held.. this was my Sam. So I had two but then there were these light brown and white ones (three of them). I picked up one and he quickly jumped from my hands onto the ground and was a bit wild, the other two were a bit more squeamish but not horrible. As I held the other two.. I figured why not get all four. The handler brought up the point that if you get two there is a bigger chance of one being dominated over the other, but with three or four there is less of a chance of that. So I got my four rats, they are all Dumbo Rats... Frodo is Agouti, Samwise is Siamese and Merry and Pippin are Fawns. All are brothers and they are just over a 5 weeks old and pretty adorable.

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