Friday, March 18, 2016

Back Squatting 315lbs

I went to open gym day at NerdStrong Gym. I missed a few days this week because I wasn't feeling so hot so I wanted to make up some of the missed workouts. Once I was there I teamed up with my friend Leo and we attempted One Rep Max for our Back Squats. My last attempt (about six months ago) I hit 295lbs, so I was really looking forward to moving pass 300lbs.

So I stared at 295lbs and slowly made my way up.. 300lbs was attained with ease (as expected) but I wanted to push myself a bit more. I squatted 305lbs, then 310lbs but I wanted to join the 3 wheel club (which is three 45lbs weights and each side, with a 45lb bar), which totaled 315lbs. I was tired but I wanted to try this weight one last time. As you can see from the video it wasn't pretty but I did it without much of a struggle. Don't get me wrong it was heavy but I'm sure I could have done another 5 maybe 10 more pounds. But I stopped at 315lbs. I'll try again in six months and hopefully will go up a few more pounds. My end goal is to back squat 400lbs.

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