Monday, March 14, 2016

Not A Good Start To Monday

Not how you want to start your Monday. I was coming into work and when I pulled into the parking lot I turned to sharp and went up the curb. I hit it so hard that I actually blew up my front right tire.  Thankfully I was in my work parking lot so I packed, got out and went to work. The tire was flat, I knew that but I didn't know if I bent the rim or even worse broke the axle.  On my lunch break I headed back to the parking lot to check the damage out. I first had to dig out my spare tire and then with some muscle I took off the nuts and pulled off the damaged tire. I inspected the axle and everything looked okay and from what I could tell the rim of the tire looked okay as well. Even the actual tire looked okay and I didn't see any tears or anything. So I put on the spare and drove it to a local tire place that had amazing reviews. The guy came out and looked at the blown tire and couldn't find any holes in it but he did say that the tread was wearing thin and I took a closer look and he was correct. It's been over three years and I haven't changed the tires yet on this car. He also mentioned that the left tired also looked tread worn as well and should be replaced. I've been around cars long enough to know that if you change one tired it's best to change both so I got two brand new front tires for a decent price. The guy mentioned that my car of front wheel driven so those front tires will be more worn then the back (which would explain why the back tires looked fine). Though it was my stupidity that cased the tire to go flat, in the end it was worth it as both front tires were going bald and would need to be replaced fairly soon anyways.. so all in all a good thing.

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