Thursday, March 17, 2016

Latest Doctors Visit

No NerdStrong this morning as I have my yearly doctor visit. I booked an 8am appointment as I didn't want to be late for work. I could have tried to do the 6am workout before my appointment but I couldn't bring myself to getting up at 5am.

I got to the doctors office at 7:45 and filled out some paperwork. I was bummed because I was told that my doctor had left and that I would be assigned a new doctor. And this current doctor I just got last year and really liked her. So I was surprised when she walked into my room all smiles. Neither of us could figure out why they told me she was gone, but she did inform me that she will be leaving later this year as her residence is finally over.

As for my appointment I found out that all my numbers are good and that my cholesterol has even gone down. I figured that was all good since I'm on medicine to help control my cholesterol and blood pressure. I was worried about my A1C levels. A1C is your blood sugar levels. If you recall October of 2014 I got word that my A1C was at 6.4 which is .1 one away from clinically diagnosed as diabetic. That got me started on my fitness/health journey this past year and a half. I went back three months later and my A1C numbers dropped to 6.0 and then three more months it was down to 5.8. I hadn't had it checked since so it's been almost a year and I continue to struggle with my diet and particularly the past few months it's been okay but not as good as I should so I was worried about that number. I asked what the number was and she said it was 5.8. Part of me was happy that it hadn't gone up as expected but then part of me was disappointed that I'm still considered pre-diabetic. I need to get my numbers below 5.7 to be considered "normal". Though I was disappointed my doctor was anything but. She said it was a big deal to be able to drop your A1C like I did over a year and a half with out any medication. She said if I continue doing what I'm doing it will be below 5.7 in no time. So it was a good visit.

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