Friday, March 11, 2016

NerdStrong Gym... My Past Week

Only managed four days of NerdStrong workout this week, Saturday CON, Sunday TEAM, Tuesday DEX and Wednesday CON. Towards the end of the week I got sick.

The week started with the final D&D Night of the Zombie King workout Chapter 5 "Realm of the Dead" For this workout we had to had to tackle the mountain of bones which consisted of 50x Seal Jacks, 25x Air Squats, 20x Single Arm Steel Club Swing to Guard, 20x Push Ups, 20x Spell casters and then finally a 10 meter heavy carry.

We had to do this set five times before moving on and taking on the Zombie King himself. To kill the Zombie King as a group we had to do 650 Burpees which we did and was successful in our quest. We also had ghosts attacking us from time to time and sending on the roll of the dice, determined what kind of minute plank we had to do.

This entire D&D workout was pretty fantastic. Thank you to coach David and coach Seely for creating it. I know we are only going to do this type of workout every once in a while since it takes a while to program and write but I'm really looking forward to the next adventure.

Sunday's TEAM Themed workout was all about Tron titled "Master Control Program". After a warm up that started with a 230 meter run, then 3 rounds of 10x Front Shoulder Raise, 10x Driver and 10x Halo then one final 230 meter run around the parking lot. We then moved to "The Grid" where we had four Rings and on each ring we had two different movements. It was a 3 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) with a 1 minute transition. Ring One we had to do 10x Disc Chop & 10x Squat and Defend. Ring Two was 10x Curl & 10x Triceps Extension. Ring Three was 10x Thrusters & 10x In/Out Push Ups. And Ring 4 was 10x Bent Row & 10x Press. Of course all of these done with a weighted plate (disc).

We finished this workout with an awesome 10 minute AMRAP battle. We were broken up into four rings. One ring would roll a D4 and whatever number it landed on (besides it's own) that would be the ring you would attack. But that ring has a chance to deflect by rolling their own D4 and getting the of the Ring that's attacking them. If they fail then they have to do 3 Burpees while everyone else holds a plank. But if they deflect the shot back to the attacker then only the attackers have to do the burpees while everyone else rests. It was a lot of fun and a great way to end this pretty fantastic workout.

Tuesday's DEX day started with a fun Agility Ladder warm up. I love working with the agility ladder. Some of the movements come naturally but some I struggle to master. Next we moved on to DEX Walks. Coaches laid down two of the battleropes and we had to walk on them. First it was just the regular tightrope walk, then backwards tightrope walking, side shuffle (left, then right), hand over hand bear crawl, suitcase hold, front rack hold (left, then right) and finally overhead sandbell hold (left, then right). Thought it was tough it was alot of fun. Some I could manage without falling off the rope but some were a struggle with my balance.

We then moved on to 5 rounds of Overhead Ring Squats, Crow Hold and Static Calf Raise Hold and for a finisher we did 20x Jump Squats with Hands on Head, 2 minutes of Sit Ups and 20x Jump Squats with Hands on Head. It was nice dexterity workout.

I woke up not feeling so hot on Wednesday morning but I was hoping that this workout would kill this bug that I have. It was a CON day which meant coach Blair. This workout was titled Dragon Row, now if your a regular reader of my blog or know me personally you know I'm not a big fan of Rowing. First we started with a warm up of 2 rounds of 230 meter jog, 10x Air Squats, 10x Reverse Lunges, 10x Spiderman Plank and then 10x Ring Rows. Once we did that twice we moved on to our main workout.

For the main workout we did Team Rowing. We were grouped up into teams of three and had to row 1 minute at a time. It doesn't sound like much but coach Blair asked us to sprint which means go full speed and doing that for an entire minute is tough.. Once the first person was done then the second would go and then the third so you did get two minutes of rest between sprints. We did this for 21 minutes meaning we all did 7 minutes each. Minute 5, 6 and 7 were the a killer but we wanted to try and hit at least 5000 meters as a group. So we pushed through and my team which was Me (of course), my workout husband John and buddy Rob manged to row a combined total of 5102. We were the slowest out of the three teams in the 7am class but with rowing height really helps and all three of us are under 5'7". But the 7am class did out row the 6am class 16,187 to 15,569, not that we compete :) Though I'm not a fan of rowing, overall this was a good workout.

I had to cancel my Thursday Strength class, I woke up at 4am and felt horrible and knew there was no way I was going to make it to the gym. I hope this illness doesn't keep me from missing to much NerdStrong.. I hate missing the gym.

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