Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Friends, Captain America and Shield

Ben, Brian, Will and myself all worked together at Original Productions and would visit Islands for lunch from time to time.. Now seven years and three days later from whence the top picture was taken, Ben, Will and I return to Islands for lunch now that the three of us are back together at Original Productions, Brian is off with another company and couldn't join us but it's great being back with these guys and at Original Productions. We sat in a different both this time but the original booth that we took the top picture in was free so we jumped in and had the waitress take our photo. It's crazy to think that seven years passed between those photos. Well all look a bit older and wiser.. except for Ben.. he looks exactly the same. Maybe will do another photo in another seven years.

I came across this picture of Captain America in his various suits over the different movies and the question was asked, which one is your favorite. That's tough for me to answer, but I can tell you which one I like the least and that's the first Avengers movies outfit, It's too angled. And the first Winter's Solider one is lacking color (mostly red). But if I had to choose one to mimic (as I'm thinking of cosplaying as Captain America one day) I think I would go with Age of Ultron or Civil War outfits.

And speaking of Captain America and Marvel I watched the second to last episode of Marvel's Agents of Shield and all I have to say is OMG!!! I can't wait until the two hour finale next week. I've loved this series since the beginning and have watched it changed over the season and it continue to blow my mind. The stories, the characters, the acting, the special effects and overall feel of the show is amazing.

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