Friday, May 13, 2016

NerdStrong Interview & Going Camping

Today is open gym at NerdStrong and I usually don't go to open gym but since I'm camping this weekend I'm going to be missing Saturday and Sunday's workout so I figured I'd go to open gym. Another thing that was happening at the gym today was that a camera crew was showing up to film for a new TBS online program. Usually six or seven people show up on Friday's open gym.. but today it was a full house, there were people everywhere. The coaches made fun of us saying that we all want to be on camera and for some that is true but for some we wanted to make the gym look good and how would it look if there was only a handful of people working out there. Anyways after the workout they interviewed a few people and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I think it helped that I have the gym's logo tattoo'd on me. It was a good interviews, talked mostly about geeky things and how the gym helped me. Now sure when or if this will air but I'll post it here if it does.

After work I went and picked up my friend Lauren and we headed out to the Jackson Flat campgrounds where we'd be spending the weekend with a few other NerdStrong friends camping. I haven't gone camping in about 15 years so I was really looking forward to this weekend. My friend Shannon and I planned this months ago and at the time we had about 30 people interested and going, but as with most things people started backing out left and right until there were just a handful of us left. But the few of us who are still going plan to have an amazing time. So we got there to the area just as night started to fall, finding the campsite was difficult and I'm so happy that I had someone with me, as several people didn't and they had some scary stories. GPS isn't your friend when it comes to finding camp sites as they tend to take you through back roads (that are actually roads). We were the third group to arrive. Shannon, Leo and Andy were already there. Shortly after us Naomi and Anne arrived and finally Josh. It was cold.. I didn't realize how high we were and though it was low 90's down in the valley it was in the 60's here and it was also really windy which made it fun when we went to set up our tents, but we all managed to get the tents pitched, except for Josh who just crashed in my tent for the night. Afterwards we gathered around the fire pit, built a fire and hung out before calling it a night around midnight.

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