Saturday, May 14, 2016

Camping Jackson Flats

Woke up early around 6am, slept horribly but I'm not a good sleeper when I'm not in my own bed. It was cold and I wasn't prepared for the cold weather so my sleeping bag wasn't enough to keep me warm. Regardless I woke up and made my way to the bathroom. A few other people were awake and starting a fire. I grabbed my phone and decided to walk around a bit and grab some photos of the camping area.

Shannon did an amazing job at picking probably the best campsite at Jackson Flats. As I mentioned in my last blog we initially had like 30 people interested in going camping but as the weeks went on more and more backed out until there were just a handful of us left. But we still had this very large campsite (holds at least 40 people). So we had alot of space to spread out but we all pretty much kept out tents right around the picnic and fire pit area.

About an hour after I got up the rest of the gang started to get up. Shannon (the unofficial camp mom) broke out all her gear and started to make breakfast for us. Breakfast was interesting as we only had this small gas burner and some folks were on the Whole 30 diet so they couldn't eat certain things. But Shannon persevered and in the end we all had a great breakfast.

Afterwards we sat around the fire to warm up, the wind had gone (yay) but the cold was still there. Josh put up his mansion of a tent and a group of use went hiking. It was really a nice relaxing kind of day. Naomi's husband Eric showed up about mid day. We drank, ate, hiked and sat around chatting all day long. We made smores, played "I never ever" and laughed alot. We called it a night around midnight.

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