Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lunch, Interviews, Plushies.. Oh My!!

Today I headed over to my friends, Greg Aronowitz place. We were going to have some lunch. I also had a present that was sent to me to give to him.. his lil' guildie version of himself that a fan (Jes Reaves) made.

Had a nice lunch at La Salsa and then headed back to his place where I did some pick up interviews with him for some upcoming CompanionCast and RegularCasts. Since I was there I also interviewed several of guys that work for him, Bryan, Nick and Mez. All have worked on certain parts of The Guild so I wanted to get some inside info for the CompanionCasts.

I was there about four hours.. a bit longer then expected but it's all fun hanging out at The Barnyard with Greg.

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