Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Igniting the Midnight Petroleum

If you understand the title and know what it's from then you are truly a GEEK... and I love it!!!!!

It's almost 1am and I'm still working on the next CompanionCast for episode 7 that was suppose to be released at midnight. There really isn't a excuse as to why it's not done.. I had all the material and knew when it was due but kept putting it off because there was just so much material. I worked on it last night, this morning and the past four hours and it's almost done. I'm leveling it at the moment. Next I have to convert it then spot check it one last time, add a picture and finally upload it. It's the longest podcast I have done in a long time.. it's over an hour and 40 minutes but man it has some great interviews with lots of very cool BTS information.

I'm sooooo tired, can't wait till it's done so I have go to bed.. should be another hour or so.

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  1. Yes, i Googled it