Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Day at MTV

Today my next gig ask me to come in and work on the post schedule again. Of course I knew on Wednesday that the schedule I worked on all day would be useless and I'd have to do it again. And once again they had no shoot schedule and if they don't know when they are going to shoot I can't schedule when the shows will go into edit, as I need footage to edit with. So I got some possible shot days and worked on schedule after schedule trying to make it work and each time coming up short... 10 hours later I was still unable to get the schedule to work and finally told them it was impossible. And truthfully it doesn't matter because when they finally do get a shoot schedule the post schedule will change again. 

I also found out that I may be starting early December instead of last November, which I don't mind. I mean I've been off for over six going on seven months but not having a job and looking for work is very stressful and you're not really able to enjoy the time off.. Now I have the entire month of November off and can enjoy the time off because I know I have a job in December.

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