Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My MTV Job

Yesterday I got a call from my next employer asking I could come in today and help them with the post production schedule, I of course said yes. It's at MTV down in Santa Monica which is about an hour drive from my house with no traffic and if you know LA there is "never" no traffic so I expected an hour and a half to two hour drive. I got up early and left my house at 8:45am, and as expected traffic was horrible and I did my best on getting off the freeway and taking side streets but in the end it took my about one and a half hours to get there.

Once there I found out the person who got my the job and the one I was suppose to go the post schedule with was out sick. They really didn't have anything planned so I had to start from scratch and build a calender in excel which I've used on previous shows and really liked how it worked out. That took me until after lunch about 1pm to finish building a nine months calender. Once that was done I got some info but not all the info I needed to make a proper calendar so I started to build a calender which I know I'll have to change completely but at least it's something. Around four the production coordinator came by and took me to get my pass so  I can get in the buildings and parking lot. I finished around 6:30pm and left at 7pm. They wanted me to come in tomorrow but I have plans so instead I'm going in on Friday to finish it up, hopefully they will have all the info this time.

Other then the long drive the office and people are great and I'm really looking forward to getting started full time at the end of Nov.

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  1. so great kenny!! glad you'll be back doing what you love.