Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hanging with my Padawan

Yesterday my Padawan Troy came over to hang out with Harry and I. First we hung out and chatted, then went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and had a really great dinner. After that we headed to the super market to get some lemons and limes as we wanted to try those miracle fruits. So when we got back all three of us tried it and had some lemons, limes, salsa and broccoli. We video taped the entire thing but nothing really happened so I don't think I'll post it. The lemons were a bit sweeter and the limes and salsa had a sweetness to them but the broccoli was still horrible.

After that Troy showed me some videos on YouTube that he wanted to share. We then recorded a piece for my upcoming Knights of the Guild podcast and finally we chatted and chatted and chatted. Harry, Troy and I stayed up until 5am (really 6am but time changed early this morning) talking. Troy wanted to drive home though I protested as I was exhausted and tired but he on the other hand said he could make the hour and a half drive home. He is 20 years younger so he left and Harry and I went to bed. Didn't sleep that well and woke up at 7, 9 and finally just got up at 11am. And now I'm super tired and not sure what my plans are today.

I had planned to go down and visit my Dad, Bro, Sister-in-law and nephew but both Harry and I haven't been feeling 100% and don't want to get the baby sick, plus being sleep deprived on top of it isn't really helping me feeling any better. I could go hang out with my buddy Will which would tons of fun but I have to see how I'm feeling in a few hours. Plus this is my last free day before starting my new job tomorrow and I need to be up at 6:30am, leave my house by 7:30am to get to work by 9:30am... and that's if I work out after work. If I work out before work I need to be up by 5:30am.. uggg.. good times ahead.

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