Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Crazy New Schedule

So now that I'm working again I've come up with a weekly schedule that seems to be working and will be my schedule for the next seven months.

6:30am - Get up, eat something quick.
6:35am - Go out to the garage to work out for about an hour.
7:30am - Take the dog out for her morning walk
7:45am - Take a shower and get dressed
8:00am - Jump online blog/check emails
8:15am - Eat Breakfast
8:30am - Leave for work
10:30am - Arrive at work and start my day
10:30am to 7:00pm - Work
7:00pm - Leave work for home
8:30pm - Arrive at home
8:45pm - Eat Dinner
9:00pm - Depends (hang out with Harry, watch TV or emails/blog
10:30pm - Bed

Of course this schedule if very flexible as I may have to stay late at work, or need to stay up late to work on a podcast or catch up on some TV. I also want to see some of my friends after work.

My weekdays schedule is packed and things that don't get done during the week will spill over into the weekends. I expect visiting with friends and family, blogging, podcastings, TV watching, house duties will mostly be done on weekends.

I hope I survive this!!!!

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