Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows pt1 - My Thoughts

I'm not good at writing reviews as I love everything and have a hard time critiquing stuff so it should come to nobodies surprise that  I LOVED this movie. I had seen several of the scenes already online and knew where they were going to split the book. So much stuff happens so quickly that I'll need several more viewings before I have fully take in the movie. But here are my thoughts from my first viewing.
  • Loved all the additional scenes they added, it's always tough to film exposition or stuff in the characters head but with the additional scenes they did a great job with that.
  • Seven Potter scene was funny and action packed, my only complaint, if you can call it that is the action happens to fast that I barely saw what happened. But I think that's most from the fact that I was 10 feet from the screen and had to keep turning my head back and forth to see what was going on. I think I'll be able to see more when I see it again from a regular seat.
  • Another thing they did different was Hegwigs death. In the book she is hit by a stray spell and dies. But in the movie she goes to help Harry and dies trying to save him... really liked that change.
  • Loved all the interaction with Ron and Hermione, the subtle looks and glances were perfect.
  • Ginny's kiss with Harry while George walking in was priceless.
  • Loved the wedding and Kingsly patronus and voice was very chilling.
  • The Diner scene was great and extremely tense
  • Kreacher and Dobby effects were unbelievable, especially Kreacher.. looked extremely real.
  • The Minster of Magic break in scene was a bit different from the book but never the less pretty awesome. Troy told me afterwards that he read the three actors who portrayed Ron, Harry and Hermione under polly juice potion watch footage of the 3 to get there mannerisms down and boy did they, I was very impressed with that scene.
  • Ron splinching himself was well done and Hermione's reaction and Emma's acting was superb. 
  • I liked the growing tension between the three
  • And the showdown between Ron and Harry was AWESOME, very well acted on all three of there parts. It pretty much played out exactly like the book.
  • They added a controversial scene of Harry dancing with Hermione but I though it was well done and to me didn't feel like they could possible hook up. Ron had left and it was just those two sitting around listening to the radio and Harry tries to lift Hermione's spirits by dancing.. it was quite cute.
  • Going to Godric Hallows was a great scene, slightly altered from the books. Batilda Bagshot was extremely creepy and then when Nagini came out of her the action ramped up. The final scene kind of happened a little to fast for my taste but it was an exciting scene.
  • One of my favorites scenes was the opening of the Locket, it was FANTASTIC!!! the SFX were cool, Rupert's (Ron) reaction was dead on. The Harry and Hermione who came out of the locket were exactly as I picture them.. more horrible and beautiful then the real life versions. That scene gave me chills.
  • Visiting the Lovegoods was a good scene, shortened a bit from the book but I did like how they conveyed The Story of the 3 Brothers.. very Tim Burton'esqe. 
  • Them getting caught by the snatchers was a bit different but much more action packed. Again because I was so close and the camera work on this scene it was difficult to see anything. They used the shaky camera technique to make it more frantic which works but it was a bit too much.
  • The Malfoy Manor scene extremely well done. The torture scene was chilling. Once again Emma's acting was superb and of course Helena "Belletrix" was as crazy as ever. Something different from the books was Hermione having "mudblood" cut into her arm. I saw an interview with Emma were she said that was her and Helena idea.. great addition.
  • Dobby rescuing everyone was great. disappointed that Wormtail didn't die, like in the books.
  • Dobby's death was the best, I cry every time I read it and I cried watching it. They extended his speech in the movie. In the book he only says Harry Potter. But in the movie he says how much he values his friendship and being free and having Harry Potter as a friend.. OMG I'm starting to well up just typing this... such a sweet scene.
  • Voldermort breaking into Dumbledore grave as well done and the perfect way to end the film.. I could have watch part 2 right then and there but it was a good way to leave the story.. our heroes are down, losing one of there own and the bad guys gets the ultimate weapon.. everyone is doomed.
I can't wait to see this movie again.. like I said it goes so fast and so much stuff happens. Of course there are those who will complain that things were left out, especially since it was split in two they will figured they included everything. We still don't know where Harry gets the shard of mirror, or how the person who conjured the doe knew where they were staying (as in the books it's Nigelious' portrait who over hears Hermione mention it) but in the end those are minor details that don't really effect the over all story.. and who know maybe will get answers in part two.

Great addition to the Harry Potter world and I can't wait to see it at least a few more times in the theater.


  1. Totally dug how they did The Story of the 3 Brothers!

    And Emma's contributions to the scene between her and Helena was one of the best things I've ever seen in a film. Amazingly REAL emotions. 'Chilling' indeed!

  2. This made me EVEN MORE EXCITED to see it, if that was even possible!

  3. I'm surprised by how much was kept from the book at the same time I'm surprised at some of the omissions and changes. I agree though that changing the circumstances of Hedwig's death was quite good.

    I was also just generally very impressed with Rupert, Dan and Emma who carried this movie so well. They all showed sides of their characters that we haven't seen before and they did it very convincingly. Real nice work from all three of them.

    Ending where they did makes a lot of sense and leaves audiences wanting more.

    Can't wait to see it again!

  4. I agree with your observations completely! A few critiques though: was disappointed that Harry did not steal back Mad Eye's eye when they were in the ministry. I found the camera work to be very jarring at times; the change between steadicam and hand held shots was so obvious and one shot in particular was so badly focused it took me out of the action for a moment. I also did not find the score as good as in past Potter films but one can argue that if you do not notice the score then it was doing it's job. A second viewing will answer that question for me.

    But overall I loved the film and cannot wait to see it again!