Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rare Star Trek: The Next Generation Photos

I'm a huge HUGE Star Trek fan and The Next Generation is not only one of my favorite Star Trek series but one of my all time favorite TV series. So when I got up this morning and saw a tweet from @thinkgeek on twitter that said: "Wish these 130+ rare candid ST:TNG pics could be anchor linked to the one of Riker & the Borg Queen:" I immediately had to click on the link and check them out... and OMG.. so many great candid photos of the cast and crew of TNG.. not only the TV series but their movies as well. I don't know if this site is new or it's been around for years but man I'm to happy that Think Geek found it and shared it with  it's masses. Here are are some of my favorite photos.. you can see them all HERE

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  1. OMG, that's awesome had not seen any of those before =)
    Just the pick me up I needed after realizing there is just one more Stargate Atlantis episode left (watching it for the 2nd time) :/