Monday, November 29, 2010

People Suck!!!

So I went to El Pollo Loco for lunch today.. and there was a group of mentally handicap adults having lunch and seating towards the back of the restaurant. I was at the fountain drink machine and two ladies were there discussing where to sit. When one said fairly loud, "Let's go to the front I don't want to sit near the retards". I just kind gave her a dirty look and she put up her nose and walked away.

I sat down near the group when one of the guys wandered over to two young girls (high school age) and said hi. They kind of laughed and giggled then started to talk to him. Luckily he didn't seem to know they were making fun of him, calling him names and saying things that sound like compliments but are really back handed compliments. Luckily the chaperon came over and walked him back to the group but as they walked back the girls just pulled faces behind his back.

I know humans are horrible but it's still tough to see people be mean or rude for no reason. These guys were doing nothing to anyone, just there for their weekly lunch outing. I always say that rudeness and meanness are taught traits but I'm beginning to think all humans are born mean and there are only a few "good" people left in this world. So disappointed in the human race at the moment.


  1. Maybe we're not all born mean. I truly think being mean or rude is learned mostly...but I think some or more inclined to certain ways. My parent's were very strict about being polite and teaching us how to act in public particularly. Manners is also one of the big reasons I was attracted to my partner initially. He had the same kind of background. Maybe it's breeding. I think people are lazy in this point in time and don't take the time with their kids.

  2. That's horrible. Not all people are like that, I can say that with confidence knowing some of my nicer friends (Including you, Kenny). But it's still disappointing.

    It's definitely learned. My guess is if the ladies or the teenagers were by themselves they wouldn't have been so mean. Their nasty behavior is socially reinforced as acceptable by their ignorant friends, unfortunately.

  3. It is indeed an unfortunate truth isn't it? In my experience most of it comes from insecurity, people to try to hide it by puffing themselves up. Sadly enough the easiest way most people find to give themselves a boost is to pick on whoever they can especially if they aren't able to defend themselves or understand what is happening.

  4. That sucks. That's why I prefer the company of other geeks, we seem to be a pretty accepting and affable bunch.

    When in doubt always ask, "what would Picard do?" Guaranteed to work on any problem :)

  5. I agree with Steven. This kind of behavior usually is an attempt to hide insecurities. Doesn't make it any less despicable but knowing where it comes from helps in combating it.

    I personally believe that reacting like this to insecurities is "normal" and something that we have to taught to overcome.