Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Unexpected Gift

Today I got a new 32gig Ipod Touch from a listener of my Knights of the Guild podcast. His name is Aaron and is a really cool guy we've chatted back and forth via email as he is currently working on an App for my podcast. I actually got to meet him last weekend at an improv show and he showed me what he has done so far and it's pretty AWESOME. He knew I didn't have a device to view this app and the next thing I knew he bought me this beautiful Ipod Touch.

I had a tough time accepting it at first as I'm normally the one buying things for people and not the other way around but then realized that he wanted to do this because he's a great guy and wants me to be able to see this awesome app that he is creating. Over the years I've learned to not "fight" people when it comes to them wanting to do nice things for me. I use to go out to dinner with a friend and they would grab the bill and a small struggle would ensue over it. I don't do that anymore, if someone wants to pay the bill, I graciously say Thank you and promise the get the next one, which normally happens. So with this gift (thought extremely more expensive then a dinner) I graciously accept it with a big THANK YOU.

Edit.. forgot to mention that he had it engraved as well.. with my name and Knights of the Guild Podcast.. so cool.


  1. That is awesome! Love my ipod. Don't think I would have ever bought one for myself. When will the app be available?

  2. We are hoping to have the app done and available by our 2nd anniversary which will be released on Feb. 15th Will keep you posted.

  3. Was a bit behind on the podcasts, but caught up today:) I was only 2 behind. I just love lazy days off! Back to the grind tomorrow though. THANKS!

  4. Glad you are enjoying the podcast and you choose to listen to ours on your days off. Thank you.